• Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Greece

  • Contact person: Psoras Dimitrios
  • Organisation: Experimental Technology Education Sports

  • Location: Vrontados, Greece
  • Deadline: 27/02/2015
  • Start: 01/07/2015
  • End: 31/12/2015

  • The «3D - Technology Education Sports in Chios Island” project focus on New Technologies and is taking part in Chios Island.
    The European volunteers, under the guidance and help of TES’s people, will work together and they will search for new possibilities in the field of New Technologies, Education, Sorts, Entertainment, etc.
    They will help the young people in Chios Island to open new horizons.
    It is really important for the youngsters who live in a place like Vrontados, to have information about the opportunities they have, to open discussions about this and help them.
    The Young Voluntary workers undertake to participate voluntarily in an active citizen and informative experience with the aim of acquiring Technical, Social, Intercultural and personal skills, tools for their own future and at the same contribute to the wellbeing of the community. www.chiosradio.gr - www.4youth.eu


a) Computer Programs (30%) One of the main activities is to take active part in the realization of Non-profit making Educational, Sports and Cultural programs and Presentations. The volunteers will have the opportunity to come closer to New Technologies, learn and develop creative projects through practical and theoretical exchange of knowledge and gain knowledge that will help them for all their life. They will have the possibility to work with E.U schools on the E.U program www.etwinning.net. The Mentor and the responsible of the project are using the R-admin program to observe on-line the working computers and follow the progress on each subject and offer ASAP any possible help. (www.4youth.eu ). b) Educational, Cultural and Sport cooperation on New Technologies (40%). The young volunteers are working on: - “Learning by using New Technologies” Producing Educational, Cultural, Sport and Touristic Projects. - Helping the children to do summer activities. - Helping and learn how to sail, but also to take part in sailing race as crew or captain of a sailing yacht. - Helping in the educational procedure of our computer school. **The above activities depend on the needs of the cooperating organizations. c) Our EVS Internet Radio (20%). The European Volunteer will make her own contribution for the development and realization of recordings, sound mixing, interviews, news and anything that has to do with our organization’s EVS Internet Radio web site www.chiosradio.gr, advertising our Island. d) Inspiration (05%). One other activity is to create new ideas about helping in organizing and realizing of Youth programs, sport (sailing) School activities (in a primary school) and other activities, also will help in texts translation from English or Greek to her mother language, also participate in other social activities developed by T.E.S. e) Our Place (05%) The volunteers are responsible for keeping the hosting and working place clean and in order (building, household, electronic and other equipment, sailing material, garden etc)


The person must be positive adaptable and creative. It will be good if is very interested to work on Educational software plus Cultural, Tourist and Sport Web sites.


The volunteers must contact the hosting organisation by e-mail at info@chios.com. They will receive a questionnaire. The answers to the questions will help us to understand their motivation for the project.


Themes: Art and culture, Environment, Heritage protection, Rural development, Urban development, Equal opportunities, Anti-racism/xenophobia, Health, Anti-drugs/substance abuse, Social exclusion (in general), Measures against delinquency, Youth information, Youth policies, Youth leisure, Youth sports, Media and communications, European awareness, Other
Targets: Youth and children, Elderly, Disabled people, Homeless, Unemployed, Migrants, Local Community, Other
We inform you that we are looking for 4 motivated EVS for the project of Stowarzyszenie Elbląg Europa.
Venue: Elbląg, PolandStart: 01.03.2015
End: 28.02.2016
How long?: 12 Months
Number of Vacancies: 4
Deadline to apply: 31.08.2014
From: European Union countries
Selection process:
Our project is open for young people who wants to be volouteers and who is not under 18 years old. We are looking for people who are dynamic, creative, sociable, patient and who knows what she/he wants to do. Those people should also want to cooperate with youth organizations and youth as well as to work with children (e.g. in kindergartens, schools). Our European volouteer should also be not afraid of traveling and have no bad habits. 

We would like to host people with interesting hobbies, motivated, with his/her own ideas, open for different cultures and people and willing to learn Polish. The volounteer should be able to work in a team, be flexible and creative.
Strong motivation, willingness to see and to do something new, curosity about the world and other cultures are also welcome.Remember that you are responsible for that project! We want to create project that fits you. We don't want to cooperate with task-takers. It is YOU who will be leading and WE who will be helping to achieve YOUR goals. Not other way =)
Apply here

  • Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Spain

  • Contact person: Espacio Joven Ávila
  • Coordinating organisation: Espacio Joven Avila
  • Host: Ayuntamiento de Ávila: http://www.avila.es/
  • Location: Ávila, Spain
  • Deadline: 15/09/2014
  • Start: 01/05/2015
  • End: 01/11/2015

  • The project will take place in the city of Avila, in three youth facilities operated by the Youth Council (located in the center and north part of the city). Some activities can also take place at various schools, universities, municipal facilities and meeting places of the youngsters of the city. The Youth Council has signed agreements with other associations, facilities and youth groups to carry projects and promote youth activities.


We provide different kinds of opportunities for the volunteer who can find and choose the activities in which he/she would participate. We also facilitate the volunteer to make own initiatives and propose projects to improve the life quality of our audience. ACTIVITIES IN WHICH THE VOLUNTEER MAY PARTICIPATE: - Youth Activity Program: mentorship and speeches in schools, universities and units PROA (educational program to provide support and guidance). - Facility Revitalization Programs: workshops in our three youth facilities towards artistic activities, motivating the youth of Ávila, providing useful and alternative free-time activities for them. - Consultancy about European Mobility, Erasmus+ Programs. - Media projects through new technologies. - School support: study room,teaching English by entertaining ways for different youth age groups and levels. - Street Education and dissemination programs, support for children and youth with social difficulties. - Supporting or organizing world cafés and talks and/or other similar activities.


Project application deadline: 1st of October. Deadline to send CV, motivation letter and info about Sending Organization: 15 of September of 2014. Candidate selection: from 15 of September to 20th of September. Email address for sending application: programaseuropeosavila@yahoo.es Hosting organization: EspacioJoven Municipal “Alberto Pindado” (Ávila, Spain) www.avilajoven.blogspot.com www.facebook.com/espaciojovenavila http://twitter.com/EspaciojovenAV


The priorities of our Youth Center regarding the profile of the volunteer are: * An active, dynamic person, with good communication skills, with empathic and positive attitude towards diversity, open-minded about different socio-cultural backgrounds, self-motivated and enthusiastic about learning, sharing, teaching; and most importantly: proposing new initiatives. We require motivation and interest in youth leisure, education, cultural differences, social work with children and youngsters from different cultural backgrounds, and also interest in office work, and European programs. * Basic level of the Spanish language is an advantage, that the volunteer could participate more easily in the activities and also for the better understanding. * We prefer candidates who have already taken part in workshops or activities in centers for people at risk of social exclusion, and /or arebeing active in the socio-art-cultural world of associations. We have no requirements regarding age, gender or nationality of the volunteers.


Themes: Art and culture, Youth information
Targets: Youth and children

Cazalla Intercultural – who we are?
Cazalla Intercultural is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the field of non-formal education and to promote and support volunteering. We work mainly with the Youth in Action program, but also participate in other European programs such as Grundtvig, Leonardo or Daphne. We have an agreement with the City of Lorca and collaborate with it´s Youth Department giving information to young people who want to travel abroad, and promoting mobility from Informajoven offices. We are a point information Eurodesk and we share the information about different mobility project.
Our Objectives:
• Contribute to local development and tolerance between cultures and races
• Promote human rights education
• Promote volunteering as a way of learning
• Contribute to improving the quality of youth work
• Create international networks with which to collaborate on global projects
• Promote mobility as a learning experience among young
• To help young people to be active citizens and participate in the European context
• Preventing gender violence among young people and contribute to gender equality.
Our points of attention:
• The Human Rights
• Global challenges
• The Interculturality
• Citizenship and participation of young people
• The prevention of gender based violence among youth
• Non-formal education
• Creativity and quality in youth work
• The active participation of citizens

About the EVS project
Place: Lorca (Region of Murcia), Spain
Duration: 9 months
Starting date: there are 3 possibilities (January, April, May)
Video done by our EVS volunteers: http://youtu.be/Zx5UvUwVOdc
The philisophy behind each EVS project we implement.
We understand the EVS as a mutual learning process and mutual benefit, therefore the activities are design always this way to be beneficial for both sides. We always propose the following division of activities:
40% of the time – tasks connected with the activity you are invovled in (full description below)
30% of the time – support in the activities of Cazalla (can be work in the office, supporting the ongoing porjects run by Cazalla, support in some events we are organizing)
30% of the time – volunteers personal project, and this can be any activity that fits into the objectives of Cazalla, developed and implemented by volunteer. The previous volunteers have created the language café, the coordination meetings with migrant orgnizations, workshops for young people etc. Everything depends on volunteer and will will offer our support.

Activity 1 – Youth Information Centre
• Giving information to young people
• Researching for the different possibilities of youth mobility
• Developing monthly newsletter
• Helping youngster to make their CV and motivation letters in English
• Preparing the visual materials
• Organizing the information meetings
• Updating the web page, blog and social media
Profile we are looking for:
• Someone who speaks already some Spanish and English – or have a very strong motivation to learn fast
• Is interested in the coordination of the european projects
• Is communicative, and like to give information
• Is interested in the social media, blogs, photo edditing or poster making
• Is motivated to spend most of the activity time in the office
Activity 2 – Youth Empowerment Porgramme
• Preparation, implementation and evaluation non-formal learning activities with children and young people
• Workshops in schools on different topics
• Participation in the language Café programme
• Support clases for children (mainly from the migrant backgroups)
• Organization of the local events (living library, cultural events, movie shows etc.)

Profile we are looking for
• Organization skills
• A lot of initiative
• Someone who like working with young people
• Having an interest in the different areas Cazalla work (human rights, non-violence, education in values, global education etc.)
• Someone who enjoy as well administrative tasks
• Whould be nice to speak come basic English and motivation to learn Spanish


Application procedure
We are welcome to apply all the young people who are:
- between 18 and 30 years old
- residents of the programme countries (EU, candidates, EEA) and partner countries (South East Europe, Eastern Europe and Caucasus, Mediterranean Partner Countries)
In order to participate in this EVS you should fill out the registration form in google docs. by 1st of September 2014.
Link to registration form: http://tinyurl.com/EVS-Cazalla
You will be asked to share the link to your CV and motivation letter. There are many options how to do it:
- http://www.viewdocsonline.com/ - seems to be the easiest
- you can use google docs (remember to make the document public)
- you can share via dropbox

Contact Info
Cazalla Intercultural
c/Corredera 36 (bajo)
30800 Lorca
tel: +34 968 44 46 43
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/cazalla.intercultural
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/cazallaintercultural

Apply here

Perioada: 01.09.2014 - 31.08.2015 (12 luni)
Tematica: activitati non-formale cu copii, tineri intr-un centru de tineret, arta si cultura
Se asigura: transportul , asigurare medicala, cazare si bani de buzunar lunar!
Varsta: 18-30 ani!
INSCRIERI, pana in 05.08.2014.
Pentru mai multe infomatii accesati link-ul de mai jos.
Call for Spanish and Ukrainian participants for long term EVS in Poland (12 months from 01 of September 2014)
Send CV and ML at evs@mobilnipolacy.org.pl

Urgent: Looking for a Danish volunteer to take part in the Gunpowder City EVS project, taking place in Kamnik, Slovenia, from the beginning of August 2014 to the end of May 2015.
Together with other EVS volunteers you will be involved with daily activities and programme of the Youth centre Kotlovnica and the Cultural centre of Kamnik, and working on using and reviving public spaces in town. You’ll also contribute to organizing four festivals, one of them - Festival Kamfest- is the biggest cultural festival in the region, and explore an abandoned area of the former gunpowder factory nearby the youth centre (hence the name of the project).

Our partner organization in DK is @Dansk ICYE, so please contact them if you're interested or send us your application at info@kotlovnica.si. Thanks!

Vacancy for Spanish volunteers for an already approved project in Varna, Bugaria.

  • Contact person: Elina Raynova
  • Organisation: Association FOR YOU

  • Location: Varna , Bulgaria
  • Deadline: 10/08/2014
  • Start: 01/09/2014
  • End: 01/08/2015

  • Association FOR YOU is searching for 1 long term volunteer to participate in our project 2013-BG-55. The voluntary service is located in Varna, Bulgaria. The activities are related mainly to advertise the organization's work online, make promotion in schools and universities about EVS,to promoting EVS online, making advertisement materials, as well as to art workshop for youngsters, and of course our everyday office work.


Maintain social media profiles Maintain website Writing articles Make posters Participate in crafting activities Everyday office work


We are searching for 1 volunteer who would like to work with social medias and online advertisement, to participate in different crafting activities, would like to work with socially disadvantaged groups and is ready to take initiative.


Please send your CV and Cover letter to e.raynova@foryoubg.org no later than 10.08.2014. Preselected candidates will be invited for an interview.

Location: Lauterach, Austria
Deadline: 01/09/2014
Start: 02/02/2015
End: 31/07/2015
Organization: Offene Jugendarbeit Lauterach
About the organization: Offene Jugendarbeit Lauterach (Open Youth Work Lauterach) is a department of the local government that works with the interests and issues of young people between 12 and 19 years. The association is non-commercial and politically unaffiliated.
Description of volunteering position: The volunteer will work five days a week, 34 hours a week including German course. S/he will have two days holidays per month. In our organizations the volunteer will be seen as a temporary team member who supports us in our work. S/He will assist us in our work in the youth centre and will also participate in our mobile youth work programme (a form of streetwork). Another part of the job are different projects with focus on creativity, sports, education and cultural topics. The volunteer will be able to make her/his own projects, bringing in her/his very own talents. It is also possible for the volunteer to attend trainings and workshops regarding youth work, where s/he can refine her/his skills in social work. * Working in a youth cafe: working behind the bar; Supervising the youngsters; playing games with the youngsters; communicating and giving advice; Mobile (street work): walking around the village meeting young people and talking to them and informing them about the workshops and the special activities of the youth centre; Special workshops : graffiti jam, Kino night, girls day, sport activities, outdoor activities, etc. The different kind of projects depend on the youngsters interests and the season.
Volunteer Profile: He/She should like to work with young people and should be interested in different youth cultures, music, night life and youth centre work. He/She should care for young people and be prepared to take the initiative to get in contact with them. He/she should be flexible and be willing to take part in different kinds of projects. Since our opening hours are mainly in the afternoons, evenings and on weekends he/she should be prepared to work late hours and work on weekends as well. Of course, he/she will not work every weekend and will have two consecutive days off during the week if working on the weekend.
Benefits: Doing an EVS project with our institution the volunteer will learn a lot about youth work and will get a practical insight into the various fields of youth work: leisure time activities, intercultural dialogue, employment, education + training in youth work. In the daily contact with the young people s/he will increase her/his social competences in establishing contacts and building relationships. Helping with projects or doing her/his own projects the volunteer will learn project management “by doing” and practice teamwork. S/he will get an insight into various youth cultures and will meet (young) people of different cultural origin.
For applying and further details please contact: clemens.ruedisser@aha.or.at

Call for EVS long-term volunteers from Romania

Organization: Angelus Silesius House
Location: Wrocław, Poland
Deadline: 31/07/2014
Start: 01/10/2014
End: 30/06/2015
Description: The activities of the Project include:
1. non formal education connected with such topics as: open society, civil society, democracy, European Union, participation and social consciousness, history, mass-media, human rights, inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogue, global education.
2. showing young people what interculturality is – different ways of life, different cultures, different experiences. We want them to be aware of becoming more and more a part of global society.
3. showing participants of our workshops their rights as well as their obligations – we want them to learn how to live in a reliable and independent way.
4. improving the way of working with youth, creating new methods and techniques as well as materials.
Tasks of the volunteers are: help with preparing and organizing workshops, elaborating scenarios and support trainers with leading them. Supporting the mobility platform in ASH, promote in local schools voluntarism and voluntary work, support for Polish-German exchanges and Center of Mobility, support for workshops/activities for youth and children from Roma community, leading workshops for local youth, kids and seniors. "Volunteering for social inclusion" project is going to work in frames of non formal education methods like workshops, meeting, simulation games.

For further information and for applying please contact: karolina.michalczyk@silesius.org.pl

Call for EVS long-term volunteers from Czech Republic

Organization: European Association of Education and Progress PIONIER
Location: Olsztyn, Poland
Deadline: 08/08/2014
Start: 01/09/2014
End: 31/08/2015
Description: The volunteers will be working with the groups of: - children from primary and secondary schools in the Warmia and Masuria Region ( creation idea of the small project including languages, tradition and other interesting them activities, for example: sport, art, science) - students from the University Warmia And Masurian in Olsztyn ( language courses and other activities including workshops and trainings) - seniors from Third Age University ( language courses and other activities including workshops and trainings).
The main topic of the activities: - education - journalism - international relations - intergenerational integration - learning foreign languages - broaden cultural awareness Social activities are including: - the Euro-Lesson ( lecture about the European Union, citizenship and youth mobility, volunteering and interships in the Europe) - working as a native speaker.
Project a positive impact on young people living in Warmia and Masuria. Volunteers from the Czech Republic will be for them a positive model that will show them the possibilities for action and get involved at a young age and will show mobility opportunities offered by the European Union.

Interested volunteers are asked to send CV and covering letter to: gebicka.paula@gmail.com

EVS in  Lisbon, Portugal. 
We currently have 6 open vacancies in an already approved EVS project in Lisbon, Portugal.

The duration of all the vacancies is 12 months; the project is going to start in September 2014. The host organizations are as follows (please click on the link next to the organization's name to read the full call for volunteers):

- Associação Crescer a Cores http://www.a-spin.pt/english/?p=393
- J.F. Carnide: Education http://www.a-spin.pt/english/?p=445
- J.F. Carnide: Culture http://www.a-spin.pt/english/?p=437
- J.F. Carnide: Senior Academy http://www.a-spin.pt/english/?p=419

In order to apply, please follow the instructions in each particular call.
EVS in Slovalokia

Iza: „I am here in Slovakia for 4 month. I work in church ” Cirkev Bratska „. My project is named ” Church of Brethren „. A lot of time here I spend in work on building of church. Last time together with some people from church we done room for children and youth. At weekends a lot of time I spend with children and youth. Every friday we have meeting with teenagers. We talk, play some activities and we have great time together. Every saturday together with some young people from church we are going to mental hospital for children. We have really great time there with children. We can be there 1 hour. We play some games with them and talk. We can’t take a picture there, so I haven’t photos with them. Next every saturday we have meeting with youth in church. We try to make some special every saturday. But usually we talk together…play some activities, watch films. Some sunday we just meet and have good time together. Now I start singing with worship group in church”

We are searching 3 EVS volunteers.
Organization: Başak Culture and Art Foundation
Activity date: 1st May 2015-30th September 2015
Place: Istanbul, Turkey
Further information for the project: http://europa.eu/youth/vp/vol_organisation/76000662501_en
Website of the foundation: http://www.basaksanatvakfi.org.tr/Homepage
Send your CV and Motivation letter to basaksanat@gmail.com

Pistes-Solidaires has submitted an EVS project within the frame of the new “Erasmus+”
program on April.
The project is not granted yet.
As the coordinating organisation for this project, we are looking for a volunteer from
You will find below all the details about the placement.
If you are interested in applying to this project, please send us a CV (Europass format) and a
motivation letter or document of presentation both in English.
Send them to magali@pistes-solidaires.fr before June, 15th 2014.
After a first selection, an interview will be organised by Skype or by phone during which there
will be a representative of both hosting and coordinating organizations.
Available placement: From September 2014 until the end of June 2015
In Pau:
Hosting Organization: Université de Pau et des Pays
de l’Adour (2011-FR-128)
International relations Office (1 placement)
Activities of the volunteer:
The International Relations Office’ mission is to
inform students wishing to study abroad and to
guide foreign students at the UPPA. The volunteer
will accompany the foreign students in the beginning
of the academic year (September and March for
Erasmus students) and help them around during the
rest of their stay. He will help them for the
inscriptions to IEFE (French as a foreign language
courses) and all practical arrangements of the
campus, being the link between the foreign students and the campus’ administrative
services. The volunteer will be able to learn how to implement communication tools
facilitating the information on the students’ life (social networks, multimedia tools) and
update the web page of the service DEVE (direction des enseignements et de la vie
étudiante). He may also participate in the organization of information seminars, informing
the students about students exchange programs (within the frame of Erasmus+).
The volunteer will also have the opportunity to develop some activities like linguistic cafés for
example. He will also support the development of the ESN network in the University.
The volunteers' timetable will correspond to the opening hours of the services (9:00-12:OO –
14:00-17:00 from Monday to Friday), but schedules can be shifted according to events taking
place some weekends.
Accommodation and food:
The volunteer will stay in a single room on the Campus of
the University. He will have the possibility to eat in the
different University restaurants located on the campus.

Urgent! Call for EVS volunteers for “Together we are stronger!” project in Bucharest
If you think that drug problem is not just a local problem, but a global one, if you want to get involve in a big campaign to change this or you are looking for a great opportunity to improve your personal and professional skills spending 10 months abroad together with other volunteers than is important to know:
Cultural Association ASK ME is looking for EVS volunteers from FRANCE , ITALY , POLAND and PORTUGAL, for “Together we are stronger” project, which will take place in Bucharest, Romania. The activities will start at 1st August 2014 and will end up on 1st June 2015. 
By taking part in this project you will:

– be involved in organizing art-therapy and activities and a large diversity of entertaining activities for the drug addicted young adults in Sf. Stelian Centre.
– create liveliness non-formal activities for teenagers and children from the educational institutions about a healthy life-style and cultural diversity

– be implicated in promotion volunteering (local and EVS) among the teenagers from the local community
– be engaged in fund-raising campaigns and in a variety of projects developed together with the Ask Me staff
- be in charge with the project’s visibility in the on-line field (e.g:Facebook, Tumblr, the association’s blog, Tweeter)
For articles and pictures from previous project you can check our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Asociatia-Culturala-Ask-Me/204272929631223?ref=hl and if you are interested send your CV and Motivational letter to iuliavas2003@yahoo.com .
We are waiting for you!
Short TERM and Last Minute EVS in Rumania, Baia Mare:
Start date of the service: 1st of July 2014
Service duration: 2 months
Summary of the project: “Gate to Inclusive Multicultural Europe” project will take place in the city of Baia Mare, within AIST and partner premises. 
The proposed project has two major themes: Children and Education through sports and outdoor activities.
The EVS volunteers will be actively involved in morning activities in Baia Mare kindergartens, consisting in assisting the coordinator and taking part in curricular activities which will include non-formal methods and outdoor activities, before lunch, Monday to Friday. In the afternoon, they will assist in and coordinate activities for primary school children and in the evening they will have culture and civilization workshops to present their country. They will use non-formal methods which will include games, workshops in arts and crafts, music, sports, and treasure hunts. The activities they will design and implement will actively involve children and youth with fewer opportunities.

Volunteer profile: the volunteers hosted in our projects are desired to be passionate about learning and education, love working with children and youth, and show an open minded attitude towards different cultures. Also, we wish they are flexible with the activities they take part in and willing to integrate in their host community and socialize with other youth, as they will work in an international environment and part of a multinational team. There will be no special requirements apart from being positive, energetic, outgoing, communicative, and at least a basic level of English as they will be serving as part of an international team, and some linguistic common ground is desirable. The portrait of the volunteer mentioned above might be helpful for orientation, however it is not a strict requirement.
Please send your CV and motivation letter to: Alexandra.Katana@aistschool.ro as soon as possible!