• Deadline: July 19, 2015
  • Event Start: October 05, 2015
  • Event End: October 09, 2015
  • Discipline: Science
    The school is an initiative of the Departments of Chemistry and Biology of the Technische Universität Dresden (TU-Dresden). Using plant derived polyphenols as an example the aim of the school is to bring together all scientific disciplines necessary for the identification, standardization, chemical and biological characterization, as well as pharmacological and toxicological evaluation of traditional medicinal products and single chemicals obtained thereof. Prerequisite for pharmacological and toxicological testing is the availability of sufficient quantities of test chemicals. Therefore the second aim of the school is to provide insight into synthetic Organic Chemistry of natural compounds which represents an integral part of this school.

Career Opportunities Store Manager ( Retail / Management )

Heartland Automotive - Canada

Employee Type:Full-Time
Location:Reseda, CA
Job Type:Management, Retail
Experience:Not Specified
Date Posted:6/4/2014

Job Requirements

The dynamic Store Manager will be engaged in providing daily supervision, training, monitoring staffing levels and adjusting accordingly in a timely manner. You will also be responsible for providing counseling and discipline, as well as maintaining the building, equipment and grounds and arranging for necessary maintenance.

Additional responsibilities include:
• Completing daily, weekly and monthly paperwork
• Providing service to customer vehicles, including checking and changing fluids, filters, airing tires, vacuuming vehicle interior and cleaning windows
• Providing specialized services, including air conditioning recharge, transmission and radiator services, input customer and maintenance information into computer, as well as explaining service to customers and accepting payment for services
• Maintaining adequate inventory levels and ordering supplies as needed
• Maintaining and enforcing proper cash controls (i.e. correct preparation of deposits)
• Observing and complying with safety rules and regulations and wearing proper safety attire (oil resistant shoes, safety glasses, hard hats, burn sleeve)
• Perform related duties as assigned

Store Manager (Retail Management / Automotive / Maintenance)
Automotive experience required.

Additional requirements include:
• Must be able to read and write in English
• Good technical knowledge and math skills are required
• Must be able to operate the following equipment, including overhead and floor mounted oil and grease gun, transmission jack, air condition recharge machines, radiator machine, differential pump, hand tools, computer, cash register, telephone and calculator
• Must be able to reach to four feet in height and overhead, bend over and into vehicles and use stairs
• Must be able to communicate effectively with customers and co-workers, and respond to communication calls from co-workers
• Must have a valid driver's license
• Must pass pre-employment.

Store Manager (Retail Management / Automotive / Maintenance) 

We share our success with our Teammates through the following:
• Competitive pay
• Paid training
• Fantastic monthly bonus potential
• Health, Dental and Vision insurance plans
• 401(k) retirement plan
• FREE quarterly conventional oil Jiffy Lube Signature Service@ Oil Change
• Generous discounts on purchases in our stores

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Professionals and Other Skilled Migrants

The Skilled Occupation List

The Skilled Occupation List (SOL) will change from 1 July 2013, with five occupations to be removed. The SOL determines which occupations are eligible for independent and family sponsored skilled migration.
The updated SOL is based on expert advice from the Australian Workforce Productivity Agency (previously known as Skills Australia). The list of occupations reflects the Australian Government's commitment to a skilled migration program that delivers skills in need in Australia. The SOL will continue to deliver a skilled migration program focused on high value skills that will help to address Australia's future skill needs.

Summary of changes to the SOL

The following changes have been applied to the SOL.
Occupations removed from the SOL

ANZSCO CodeOccupation
251511Hospital Pharmacist
251513Retail Pharmacist
323111Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Avionics)
323112Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical)
323113Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Structures)

Occupations on the SOL from 1 July 2013

ANZSCO CodeOccupation
133111Construction Project Manager
133112Project Builder
133211Engineering Manager
133513Production Manager (Mining)
134111Child Care Centre Manager
134211Medical Administrator
134212Nursing Clinical Director
134213Primary Health Organisation Manager
134214Welfare Centre Manager
221111Accountant (General)
221112Management Accountant
221113Taxation Accountant
221213External Auditor
221214Internal Auditor
224511Land Economist
231212Ship's Engineer
231213Ship's Master
231214Ship's Officer
232112Landscape Architect
232214Other Spatial Scientist
232611Urban and Regional Planner
233111Chemical Engineer
233112Materials Engineer
233211Civil Engineer
233212Geotechnical Engineer
233213Quantity Surveyor
233214Structural Engineer
233215Transport Engineer
233311Electrical Engineer
233411Electronics Engineer
233511Industrial Engineer
233512Mechanical Engineer
233513Production or Plant Engineer
233611Mining Engineer (Excluding Petroleum)
233612Petroleum Engineer
233911Aeronautical Engineer
233912Agricultural Engineer
233913Biomedical Engineer
233914Engineering Technologist
233915Environmental Engineer
233916Naval Architect
234111Agricultural Consultant
234112Agricultural Scientist
234611Medical Laboratory Scientist
234914Physicist (Medical Physicist only)
241111Early Childhood (Pre-Primary School) Teacher
241411Secondary School Teacher
241511Special Needs Teacher
241512Teacher of the Hearing Impaired
241513Teacher of the Sight Impaired
241599Special Education Teachers nec
251211Medical Diagnostic Radiographer
251212Medical Radiation Therapist
251213Nuclear Medicine Technologist
251311Environmental Health Officer
251312Occupational Health and Safety Advisor
252311Dental Specialist
252411Occupational Therapist
252712Speech Pathologist
253111General Medical Practitioner
253311Specialist Physician (General Medicine)
253313Clinical Haematologist
253314Medical Oncologist
253317Intensive Care Specialist
253322Renal Medicine Specialist
253324Thoracic Medicine Specialist
253399Specialist Physicians nec
253511Surgeon (General)
253512Cardiothoracic Surgeon
253514Orthopaedic Surgeon
253516Paediatric Surgeon
253517Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon
253521Vascular Surgeon
253912Emergency Medicine Specialist
253913Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
253917Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist
253918Radiation Oncologist
253999Medical Practitioners nec
254411Nurse Practitioner
254412Registered Nurse (Aged Care)
254413Registered Nurse (Child and Family Health)
254414Registered Nurse (Community Health)
254415Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency)
254416Registered Nurse (Development Disability)
254417Registered Nurse (Disability and Rehabilitation)
254418Registered Nurse (Medical)
254421Registered Nurse (Medical Practice)
254422Registered Nurse (Mental Health)
254423Registered Nurse (Perioperative)
254424Registered Nurse (Surgical)
254425Registered Nurse (Paediatric)
254499Registered Nurse nec
261111ICT business Analyst
261112Systems Analyst
261311Analyst Programmer
261312Developer Programmer
261313Software Engineer
263111Computer Network and Systems Engineer
263311Telecommunications Engineer
263312Telecommunications Network Engineer
272311Clinical Psychologist
272312Educational Psychologist
272313Organisational Psychologist
272399Psychologists nec
272511Social Worker
312211Civil Engineering Draftsperson
312212Civil Engineering Technician
312311Electrical Engineering Draftsperson
312312Electrical Engineering Technician
313211Radio Communications Technician
313212Telecommunications Field Engineer
313213Telecommunications Network Planner
313214Telecommunications Technical Officer or Technologist
321111Automotive Electrician
321211Motor Mechanic (General)
321212Diesel Motor Mechanic
321213Motorcycle Mechanic
321214Small Engine Mechanic
322211Sheetmetal Trades Worker
322311Metal Fabricator
322312Pressure Welder
322313Welder (First Class)
323211Fitter (General)
323212Fitter and Turner
323214Metal Machinist (First Class)
331211Carpenter and Joiner
332211Painting trades workers
333211Fibrous Plasterer
333212Solid Plasterer
334111Plumber (General)
334112Airconditioning and Mechanical Services Plumber
334115Roof plumber
341111Electrician (General)
341112Electrician (Special Class)
341113Lift Mechanic
342111Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic
342211Electrical Linesworker
342212Technical Cable Jointer
342313Electronic Equipment Trades Worker
342314Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (General)
342315Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (Special Class)
399111Boat Builder and Repairer
411211Dental Hygienist
411212Dental Prosthetist
411213Dental Technician
411214Dental Therapist